Strobel Manufacturing has completed a $2M plant expansion and new paint booth facility. With the expansion, they were able to hire 25 more employees and expand their product lines. Manufacturing processes and efficiencies were also improved.

Strobel Manufacturing has launched their line of apparel and promotional gear. Be sure to check out the high-quality, sharp looking Strobel Manufacturing windbreakers, shirts and hats and add some to your clothing collection soon.

Strobel Manufacturing’s first B-T 300 Bulk Seed Transport rolled out of production. The Next Generation of tenders are available in 300 and 200 bushel units with gooseneck hitch design and 100 bushel, with bumper hitch tender.

We are a 66-year-old family-owned business with a tradition of building solid, durable implements, equipment and equipment components for the farming, ranching and construction industries.

Quality craftsmanship is woven into every facet, from design to rolling stock. The traditional pride, work ethic and skilled craftsmanship of all our employees contribute to the durability and longevity of Strobel Manufacturing products include Box Scrapers, Pull-Type Graders, Forced-Ejection Scrapers, Earth Packers, Bulk Seed Tenders. Box Tenders. Native Grass Seeders and Stalk Cutters.

We also provide commercial plasma cutting services as well as commercial welding and equipment repair services. Contact us to find out how utilizing our products and services can make your business more efficient and cost effective.

You can also order Strobel Manufacturing apparel and promotional gear. Email sales@strobelmfg.com or Contact Us for more information.

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