Our Heritage

Strobel Manufacturing’s heritage in the Midwest runs deep, with more than 65 years of tradition producing quality equipment with superior craftsmanship.

Always a family-owned company, Strobel Manufacturing’s history began in 1946 when Leonard Strobel began Strobel Blacksmith in Clarks, Nebraska, to provide welding and blacksmithing services to the greater Clarks area. Leonard and his son Dwight incorporated the blacksmith shop in 1969 to form Strobel Industries, Inc.

From there, Leonard designed and built a tree cutter, and he and Dwight began manufacturing various types of farm equipment such as stalk cutters, scrapers and earth packers. Many of the quality products Strobel Manufacturing is known for today are derivatives of those initial designs. Over the years these products have been honed and improved upon through research, design, testing and, most importantly, real-life application in farm fields and construction sites all over the country.

In 1996, Leonard Strobel, our company's patriarch, passed away. His legacy of integrity, character and a strong work ethic lives on and is woven into all facets of our family company. We proudly carry on his tradition of excellence through quality craftsmanship, superior durability, and un-matched customer service.