Seeding & Preparation

Native Grass Drills

  • Rectangular Tube Framework, Welded Frame Construction.
  • Patented Paddle Agitator Forced Feeding System.
  • Durable 14 GA Galvanized Seed Boxes to Prevent Rusting.
  • Easy to Transport, Particularly When Utlizing Strobel Drill Trailer
  • Formerly known as the Miller seeder and/or the Horizon seeder

Row Finisher

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  • Direct mounts to the Orthman Stalk Puller & Besler Root Slicer with no modifications needed
  • The adjustable springs give consistent down-pressure to assure smooth finishing
  • The smooth-ride basket mulches stalks and debris
  • 1 1/8” greasable flange bearings are low maintenance
  • Heavy duty design and durability

Stalk Cutters

  • Replaces Discs for Primary Tillage in Most Soils.
  • High-speed Operation & Minimal Drawbar Power.
  • Excellent Results in Green Vegetation.
  • Engineered for Low Maintenance.
  • Rugged Design & Quality Construction.

Strobel's Row Finisher in Action!